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Teeth Whitening

There is no shortage of products and procedures for whiter teeth. There are whitening toothpastes, strips, mall kiosks,and Power Swabs.

Most of these products only claim to remove surface stain. Few actually will result in actual color change of the tooth. Dental offices still are the most common places for teeth whitening. Some offices will charge over $1000 while others offer it for "FREE (with a cleaning)". How much time and concern are you going to get with a "free" service?

Making the wrong choice for teeth bleaching can at best be a frustrating waste of time and money, or at worst be a painful experience from bleaching sensitivity. A teenager wanting brighter teeth for the prom does not need the same product as a 60 year old adult with aging, yellowing teeth.

At our office we WANT you to have a successful whitening experience. We treat bleaching with the same degree of attention and followup as we do with any other procedure whether it is a root canal, a bridge, or even dentures. Our staff constantly updates their expertise on procedures and new products. We do our own in-office trials before we recommend any product to our patients. This is why many patients come to us who have had poor results with previous bleaching and we are able to help. Our whitening department has evolved through over 20 years experience and hundreds of successful bleaching cases. We have multiple products and options specific to your personal goals and also have the experience to modifications to your plan along the way to get the best results possible.



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